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Re: copy pasting sweet expressions

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Jos Koot:
> > Nice idea, but how to deal with my frequent copy/paste actions in the
> > definitionss window of DrRacket?

SUBLIST works nicely for many cases, as already noted.  In addition, you can just
copy/paste and then insert/remove indentation; that's actually easy to do.
I did it many times when writing my "sweeten" program using sweet-expressions.

Jos Koot:
> > Wish you good luck. A sweet expressions language is certainly possible in
> > Racket. If i can be useful for (parts of) the implementation,mail me privately.

That'd be awesome!  I think you can count on that, once it's had more public review.

I think it's important that this SRFI be widely implemented,
especially in widely-used Scheme implementations like Racket.

Alan Manuel Gloria:
> Yes, although I worry that it'll require a #lang declaration rather
> than our preferred #!sweet form... Is the latter possible in Racket?
> AFAIK all Racket languages require a #lang form, I'm not at all
> certain it's possible to use #!sweet. (Note: I haven't gone digging
> through Racket docs, so correct me if I'm wrong here)

I think the key is that there be some standard "start sweet-expressions" marker,
be it #!sweet, #!lang sweet, (srfi 110 engage-warp-drive), or whatever.
I want it to be possible to move code, unchanged, between implementations.
The current draft uses #!sweet, on analogy with #!fold-case...
but we're not married to that.

If some marker is much easier to use (or preferred) than another in some
Scheme implementation, then PLEASE let us know!

--- David A. Wheeler