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Re: Final call for SRFI-108 and 109

Per Bothner scripsit:

> (1) For string literals only, should we change the prefix from "&{" to
> "`{" or "'{" or "#{"? The escape character would still be "&" (or "@"
> if using a Scribbe syntax) - i.e.  `{Hello &[name]!}

No, we should keep "&{".

> (2) Should we handle indentation implicitly using Scribble-style
> rules, or use an explicit marker, such as "#|"?

I prefer the explicit marker.  The Scribble rules are problematic,
especially (IIRC) in the presence of inherently variable-widht glyphs
like Han characters or diacritics.

> (3) Should we change to a Scribble-compatible syntax, using @foo{text}
> insread of &foo{text}?  I think this requires the changes in (1) and
> (2) as well.

No.  Scribble syntax is for Scribble.

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