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Re: Last call

On 30/06/2013 09:45, Per Bothner wrote:
> What is a binary input/output port?  There is no such thing in R7RS.
The latest standard of Scheme (R6RS) defines what input/output port. (So far R7RS is yet draft state, I know it will be the latest standard sooner or later, but as long as standard defines it there is such thing in Scheme world.)

> I'm not talking ideal/clean design here.  The Java Socket class has
> two separate methods: getInputStream and getOutputStream.
I'm not sure how Kawa implements ports but if you have Scheme ports class/interface then can't it be like this?

// InputOutputPort interface
package org.scheme;

// InputPort and OutputPort define read and write methods
public interface InputOutputPort extends InputPort, OutputPort {


// SocketInputOutputPort
package org.scheme;

import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.OutputStream;
import java.net.Socket;

public class SocketInputOutputPort implements InputOutputPort {
	private InputStream is;
	private OutputStream os;
	private boolean close = false;
	public SocketInputOutputPort(Socket socket, boolean close) {
		is = socket.getInputStream();
		os = socket.getOutputStream();
		this.close = close;
	// implements read and write

Takashi Kato
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