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Please speak up NOW if you have ANY changes for SRFI-105

If you have any last-minute comments on SRFI-105, please speak NOW or forever hold your piece.

We've had a huge hurricane, which may have interfered with some people's comments.  Also, a machine crash at srfi.schemers.org was messing up mirroring to the MHonArc mail... and I fear some people were monitoring SRFI-105 comments that way.

Given these out-of-band problems, I'd like to wait until the end of Nov. 5  (EST) for last-minute comments.  Then, unless there's some reason to do otherwise, let's declare that we are DONE and freeze the SRFI-105 specification.

BTW, three cheers for Michael Sperber, who's had to kick the srfi.schemers.org server into working, as well as doing lots of SRFI draft postings.  Thanks so much!!

--- David A. Wheeler