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New revision of SRFI 103

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Derick Eddington has provided a new revision of SRFI 103, which is
available at the usual place:


His summary of the changes is as follows:

Remove character encoding.

Allow the #\. character in file-name extensions.  Now, to separate the
extension with it, it must be given.  I decided against the restriction
that to avoid conflict it is only allowed as the first character,
because without the character encoding similar conflicts are possible
with library names like (foo bar zab) and (foo bar/zab) and the SRFI
won't do anything to avoid that.  Dealing with such conflicts will be
users' headache.

Say that Scheme systems may have different mechanisms to locate files
for libraries with names a system considers special.  This is motivated
to allow special locating for library names like (/ ---) and (~ ---).

Use ".s6l" and ".acme-s6l" instead of "r6rs-lib" and "acme-r6rs-lib".

Withdraw SRFI 104, because ambiguities caused by the first 3 changes
above make it less usable, and without those changes its usefulness is
still questionable, and people can make its functionality themselves.
Adapt the SRFI 104 reference implementation to be the reference
implementation for the revised SRFI 103.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla