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Re: upcoming revision, need feedback

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> Why do you suppose C has never specified any mapping between #include <>
> directives and directory layouts?  Not even Posix has one.  This has not
> hampered C's usability or portability.

This is a good point.  It hasn't been necessary, because people have stuck
with filenames that are supported on virtually all file systems.  As I
told Derick a while back, I favor a similar solution for R6RS libraries. 
That is, we should all agree to give our published libraries names that
can be mapped directly to most file systems, without encoding, and ask
those who fail to do so to rename their libraries as necessary.

If we could come up with a fully general encoding mechanism, i.e., one
that works for all existing and future filesystems, I might be more
inclined to support encoding.  But this doesn't appear to be possible, so
I prefer the social solution.