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Re: Please drop the ^main^ thing

On Sep 26, 2009, at 11:01 AM, Shiro Kawai wrote:

Yes.  But the discussion shifted to assume there are enough
demand that packages may be just untarred directly under
a directory in the search path.

If there's such demand, I won't object.  After all, I'm just
a single user.

Nah, the discussion is like this.  Suppose there are two

Sample package 1:
 Your package have sources for (acme foo),
 (acme foo helper1), (acme foo helper1 auxutil) and README.
Sample package 2:
 Your package have single source for (acme bar) and README.

Then files may be expanded to:

"Everything under a single directory" policy:

 package 1:

 package 2:

Not much here to confuse, right?


I feel stronger towards the second, leaving it to Andreas's
package manager to deal with the first.[

Yeah, "we'll have smart package manager that deal with mess"
is one solution.  But I do understand Derick's concern;
relying on extra software component, which isn't even built,
doesn't seem a good practice.

I agree.

"Untar under a search path"
will be guaranteed to work with minimum requirement.

It's not just tar.  If you pick a package from an RCS, you
pretty much have to assume that the package will be inside
a directory and that it will not litter the directory one
level up.

So, maybe I just dislike the carets after all.  Let's just
say that I'm undecided for now, and sorry if I'm confusing
everybody with my swinging positions.