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Please drop the ^main^ thing

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I understand why it may seem like a good idea to have
  (foo) => "foo/main.sls"
in addition to the usual
  (foo) => "foo.sls" mapping.

[I added it to Ikarus to be compatible with PLT, and thought
it was a good idea at the time]

Now "foo/main.sls" has serious problems, mainly, when you have
libraries names (foo main).  The workarounds are well known,
and so are the problems associated with them.

It seems to me that this ^main^ convention is beneficial only
to libraries whose names is a single component, e.g., (foo).
Libraries distributed in a collection do have a common prefix
and don't usually need an implicit ^main^ file. (right?)

I also noticed that the two carets are very disturbing and this
might have severe long-term effect on your visual apparatus
(maybe more than Scheme's excessive use of hash marks).

I think the second reason by itself is sufficient to drop the
caret-main-caret convention, but would like to know what others
think.  Are the benefits worth the complications?  Should they
be dropped or kept?