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Revised^2 draft of SRFI 101

A revised draft of SRFI 101: Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists is now available at:


Changes from the first revision:

* The `equal?' procedure has been added.

* A `length<=?' procedure has been added for use in bounds checking on
  chains of pairs.

* Time and space bounds have been placed on `make-list'.  It must
  operate in both O(log(k)) time and space.

* Time bounds have been tightened on `list-ref', `list-set', etc.
  They are now required to operated in O(min(k,log(n))).

The reference implementation has not been updated to reflect the latest changes in the specification, but I hope to have this posted soon.

The draft period technically ended yesterday. I am inclined to leave discussion open for another week and then finalize, so please comment now if you have changes to suggest.