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Re: importing srfi-101

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Aubrey Jaffer wrote:
http://srfi.schemers.org/srfi-101/srfi-101-tests.sls contains an
import statement:

(import (only (rnrs base) define if quote begin equal? assert lambda define-syntax syntax-rules _ let let-values else eq? + - * expt make-vector vector-set!)
	(prefix (only (rnrs base) null?) r6:)
	(rnrs exceptions)
	(srfi :101))

But this appears to import only a few standard identifiers with their
usual names.  What would be the import statement to have all the
standard identifiers imported, excepting the list-related ones, which
would come from srfi-101 (with their standard names)?

It would be:

(import (except (rnrs base) cons car cdr ...etc...)
        (prefix (only (rnrs base) null?) r6:)
        (rnrs exceptions)
        (srfi :101))