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A new field (hidden-field)

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I added a new field that works as an encapsulated field like this:

(define-lambda-object stack
  (,name 'stack)                                                           ;automatic-field
  (,,stack '())                                                                 ;hidden-field
  (,@pop (if (null? stack)                                              ;virtual-field
      (error 'stack "null stack" stack)
      (let ((s (car stack))) (set! stack (cdr stack)) s)))
  (,push (lambda (s) (set! stack (cons s stack)))))    ;automatic-field

(define stack (make-stack))
((stack 'push) 1)
((stack 'push) 2)
(stack 'pop)     => 2
(stack 'pop)     => 1
(stack 'pop)     => error: stack 'null stack' ()
(stack 'name)  => stack
(stack 'stack)  => error: define-lambda-object 'absent field' stack

The specification is changed as follows:

<automatic field> --> <automatic real field>       ;automatic field
                                | <automatic hidden field>   ;hidden field
                                | <automatic virtual field>    ;virtual field

<automatic real field> --> (,<field>  <default>)  ;read-only field
                                      | ((,<field>) <default>)  ;read-write field

<automatic hidden field>  --> (,,<field>  <default>)  ;inaccessable field
<automatic virtual field> --> (,@<field>  <default>)  ;immutable field

The <automatic real field> and <automatic hidden field> are initialized to
each corresponding <default> that is evaluated at the time the lambda object
is made by a constructor.
The <automatic hidden field> is an externally nonexistent field, that is, the
field is invisible outside of the define-lambda-object form but visible inside
of it.  On the contrary, the <automatic virtual field> is an internally
nonexistent field whose <default> is evaluated each time when the field is