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Re: SRFI-10 Error reporting

   From: Shriram Krishnamurthi <shriram@xxxxxxxxxxx>
   Date: Wed,  1 Dec 1999 13:41:08 -0600 (CST)
   References: <199912011926.TAA28460@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

   oleg@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

   > The more I write about this the more I wonder why I have put that
   > phrase about erroneous #,() forms in the first place. I really don't
   > want to get into reading exceptions, syntax error reporting and all
   > that. 

   You should.  There is no good justification whatsoever for further
   propagating the shameful state of Scheme's error reporting semantics.

I agree with Shriram on this issue generally, but not in this
particular case.  SRFI-10 says nothing about what #,(<tag> ...)
means for any <tag>, so there isn't much point in saying what it
means for `undefined' tags.  With no defined tags and no way
of creating any, what does it mean to say a tag is undefined?

                                  -Richard Kelsey